The Rain Song

No hip-hop today, folks. My mood calls for a different take...


Nobody Gets Me But You

Live Spoon...add Britt Daniel to the 'I wish I had that voice' list.


This is what happens...

...when you find a stranger in the Alps, Larry!
...when you feed a stoner scrambled eggs, Larry!

Or when TV dialogue dubbing over swear words goes awry.

The Big Lebwoski


By All Means Necessary - [FHC]

This is a classic hip hop track - and video - from the late 80s. K.R.S. One dropping knowledge, and predicting the state of rap in 2010, over a great beat. My favorite thing about this video is the a capella intro that wasn't a part of the album version. That, and the album cover and title which was an adaptation of Malcolm X's famous image.

Boogie Down Productions
My Philosophy


Monday Comic Relief...


Funky Friday - [FHC]

I played this tape until it broke in my cassette player. For real, this was my jam in '89. The D.O.C. wrote many of NWA's earliest songs and is personally responsible for getting Snoop Dogg to write and release The Chronic. After an accident in the early 90s, his vocal cords were permanently damaged, ending his career.

The D.O.C.
It's Funky Enough


Dig this: Carsick Cars

Y'all listen to Carsick Cars? Awesome stuff from Beijing. Not new, but I dig it. This video is wicked:

CARSICK CARS - 蘑菇 蘑菇 MOGU MOGU (Music Video) from Maybe Mars / 兵马司 on Vimeo.

Ain't No Half Steppin' - [FHC]

King of the high-top fade, Big Daddy Kane brings the Asiatic flow in this week's classic from 1988!

Big Daddy Kane

Ain't No Half Steppin'


Old bands: De Facto

y'all ever listen to De Facto? Psychedelic Dub from the two main dudes from Mars Volta:


My Puss!



'Not Safe For Work' in every respect, you knew this track was going to make an appearance for Friday Hip Hop Classics. Kool G. Rap has more rhymes in this one song than most rappers have on an entire album. Offensive, hilarious, and so damned explicit.

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
Talk Like Sex


Have Tickets, Will Travel

One week to go before the Black Keys concert. Let the pants-wetting begin.


Comin' Fast and Furious

I don't know if we'll get a shot at hearing Psychotic Girl, seein' as how the word is they rock a lot of early 2 man jams, but it would surely make me happy!

How funkin' funky is this tune????!!!!

Who's House? - [FHC]

Most people remember Run DMC as the guys who did 'Walk This Way' with Aerosmith. What many don't know is how skilled these three guys were. Run, DMC, and Jam Master Jay...true Hip Hop Royalty.

This week's FHC brings you three of my favorite Run DMC jams - with some of the best beats ever.

Run's House

Beats To The Rhyme
one of Run DMC's hardest songs...

Peter Piper
damn, Jam Master Jay kills it on the turntables on this track...


Black Mountain

Classic rock outfit from Vancouver on Jimmy Fallon, playing Old Fangs off of their new album Wilderness Heart.

You might remember them from a track I posted about a year ago, Druganaut.

Just heavy, riff-centric rock.


Buffalo '66

This is my favorite film trailer of all time. A 2:30 minute synopsis of the entire film set to the sounds of Yes. The film is a must-see as well. Vincent Gallo writes, directs, edits, and scores. Mickey Rourke is stellar for the 3 minutes he's on-screen.


You Gots To Chill - [FHC]

Friday Hip Hop Classics is back with Eric & Parrish Makin' Dollars - EPMD!

I'm not sure what I like best about this classic video: the Kool & The Gang sample, Eric's mumble-mouthed rhymes, or the awesome dance moves from each member you can see in the background during the verses.